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Cardiac Calcium Scoring

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What factors make you a good candidate for a Cardiac Calcium Scoring test?

Your doctor may want you to have a cardiac calcium scoring test if it can help you and your doctor make decisions about how to lower your risk for heart disease and heart attack.  This test might be most helpful for people who do not have heart disease but who are at medium risk for heart disease. Your doctor can help you know your risk of heart disease and heart attack. Your doctor will look at things that put you at risk, including blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and your age, sex, and race.  Those who may best qualify for the test include: 

    • Men, age 40+
    • Women, age 50+

With one or more additional risk factors, such as: 

    • High blood pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Smoker
    • High cholesterol
    • BMI>30
    • Family health history of premature cardiovascular heart disease (prior to age 55 in males and prior to age 65 in females)

Patients should refrain from all caffeine the day of their test and should have a resting heart rate of 120 bpm or less. 

*Radiology reading is billed separately. 

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